At the Movies: Nothing Funny About Apple Product Placement

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The horror, the horror — it comes in a variety of flavors these days. There’s straight-up Horror, Death, Funny Death, Funny Horror, Funny Romance — all variations evident in the hodgepodge of movies opening this weekend. But only one promises to be loaded with product placement. (Hint: It’s not the horror.)

That’s because horror films rarely have product placement, so our hopes are thin for the Daniel Craig/ Rachel Weisz suburban spookfest, Dream House:

The question is, do the rules of sparse product placement in horror films apply to spoof horror films, like this weekend’s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil?

Switching gears from death to funny deathly funny is 50/50, a (yes) cancer comedy. In what is the first Apple reference of this weekend’s films, one star and a producer made a special trailer for iTunes.

Turning to “death death,” there is nothing funny about Margaret (or Anna Paquin in Margaret):


Which brings us to the funny romance of the weekend, What’s Your Number. The Anna Faris-starring romcom promises a lot of jokes about online dating, and in the process features a lot of Apple product placement.

And what do these young hotties do with their MacBooks? Why, go on Facebook, of course:

The cinema isn’t Apple’s only product placement score of the week. Christina Applegate and Will Arnett’s new NBC sitcom, Up All Night, is proving to be a marquee platform for the brand as well.

And in a peek ahead at next weekend’s opening movies, Disney’s Real Steel with Hugh Jackman features a prominent product placement in the trailer with Virgin’s logo.