Peter Twist – In this moment – Montecristo Magazine

The trainer and founder of North Vancouver-based Twist Sport Conditioning Centre and Twist Performance and Wellness says being alert and focused in the action is a central factor for those who, be they Olympians or hockey dads, enter one of his gyms. “The most important thing is to show up,” he says. “The main thing is to be present in the moment—it’s our time for ourselves, but it’s also about being present in the exercise so that the brain and body are both working.” It would be easy for his words to spill into the over-the-top “you can do it” territory that echoes the halls of so many fitness facilities. But when Twist says it, it’s hard not to want to lace up a pair of Adidas and grab a medicine ball. And while he does surely believe that you can, in fact, “do it”, if you are rightfully aware during your exercise, he isn’t in the business of big talk. He’s in the business of big action.

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