Public Relations

We work with our media partners – TV networks, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, dailies, influencers, events, bloggers, and writers – to find innovative ways to get your brand in front of the right audience, solidifying your position in the market, telling your story, and increasing awareness of products, services, events and people. 

Product Placement

We work with advertisers, talent, agents, film studios, television networks, music producers, and video game publishers to create branded content and secure product placement, brand integration, endorsement and sponsorship opportunities. Our goal is seamless integrations and strategic, long-term, mutually beneficial brand partnerships that add value to a production, increase awareness for brands and talent, and do not insult the intelligence of today’s media savvy consumer.

Media Buying

Although our goal is to secure as much editorial exposure as possible, sometimes it makes sense to purchase media. If this is the case, we aim to create content/advertising that is not commercial, but rather educational and seamlessly integrated, so that it continues to fall in line with your approach and ours. With over 15 years of experience selling media for some of Canada’s largest companies and integrating brands into non-traditional media, we know it’s not just about how big an audience is; it’s about finding the best environment in which to tell your story.